CN Stonework & Building Services

CN Stonework & Building Contractors are a company founded in the Abergavenny area. We are a Building contractor based in and around the Abergavenny area.

The company is run and managed by one Managing Director who employs a team of Stonemasons / Builders with years of experience. No job is ever too big or too small. Our Stonemasons / Builders work close with the customer to give them the finished project they desire.

CN Stonework & Building Contractor is a building contractor who care about what the job entails. Our team of Stonemasons / Builders ensure that the job is completed to the highest standard, with the best materials available.

The companys team of Stonemasons/Builders are enthusiastic to finishing the job on time with minimum disruption. With our skilled Stonemasons/Builders our services range from a new build house to a small garden wall, but no matter what the job, CN Stonework & Building Contractor thrive on a high standard of workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Our Stonemasons / Builders know how a building site can effect the surrounding environments so site cleanliness is a big priority. Our highly trained and qualified team of Stonemasons/Builders understand how important health and safety is, so we can always guarantee a safe and tidy workplace.

' A Clean site is a Happy site.'